SORG Grants

SORG Grants

In the continuous endeavor of SORG to stimulate research activities in oral and maxillofacial surgery all over the world, academic papers on current issues, in particular, bone regeneration and reconstruction are being supported. Besides with research projects in this area, projects serving the attainment of the scientific foundations for work in advanced trainings are supported.

Thus applications for research funding by individuals or research groups can be submitted according to the attached regulations by complying with the respective guidelines and by filling out the necessary forms.

Application forms

Please download the following application forms and submit your application to

The application deadline for this year is September 30th.

SORG Application Regulations - Research Funding

I. Preamble

The Strasbourg Osteosynthesis Research Group (SORG) supports academic papers on current issues in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, in particular, bone regeneration and reconstruction. Besides with research projects in this area, projects serving the attainment of the scientific foundations for work in advanced training are supported.

II. Entitlement

Applications - even in research groups - can only be submitted by individuals who have already been members of SORG for at least two years or can present letters of support by two different SORG members. No follow-up financing for an already sponsored research project can be applied for by another member of a research group. Not more than two applicants from one department within a centre can be sponsored in a given year. At most, an applicant (a research group) can be sponsored for different projects every three years.

III. Type and Level of Sponsorship

The subsidy is made available as a grant for material expenses or personnel costs in the course of research projects. The maximum subsidy amount per application is 15.000 EUR. Equipment is only approved if it is not part of the basic equipment of a department / laboratory. In a reasonable case, personnel positions (Federal German Pay Agreement, IIa ½ position or Med. Tech. Asst) are only financed in the sense of a temporary arrangement for a maximum of 3 months. Where an application is made for a partial subsidization of a project, the overall financing must be evident in the application.

The project duration is strictly limited to 24 months.

IV. Submission of the Application

The necessary information is available on the SORG homepage:

See also the attachments

The grant application form can be downloaded from the SORG website. 

Read the guidelines carefully before beginning.

Applications which do not conform completely to the website application format or which ignore or fail to comply with any part of the guidelines may be returned to the applicant and will not be considered unless resubmitted by the deadline.

In order to be able to evaluate the quality and originality of the project to be sponsored, the documentation must contain  information on the following points:

1. Title of the research project

2. State of the research

3. Applicant (surname, given name, academic degree, address, telephone number, fax number of the institute / practice, e-mail, if applicable)

4. Application period and desired commencement of the sponsorship

5. Synopsis of the project

6. State of the research

7. The applicant’s previous work

8. Objectives

9. Work programme

10. Human Testing

The written opinion of a local Ethics Committee is required for human testing. In addition, the ethical and legal aspects of the experimental design must be outlined in terms of the following issues:

  • treatment attempt or experiment
  • criteria for the selection of the study participants
  • description of potential risks and corresponding precautionary measures
  • form the study participant declaration and of obtaining consent

11. Animal testing

Where animal testing is planned, regulatory approval must be obtained

12. Genetic experiments

Genetic experiments may only be commenced if the licenses required under the (German) Genetic Engineering Act of 20 June 1990 (German Federal Law Gazette 1990, part I, p. 1080) are on hand

13. Personnel requirements

Where an application is submitted for a subsidy for personnel costs within the meaning of the above-mentioned limitations, the personnel requirements must be stated and substantiated

14. Scientific equipment

Information concerning the scientific equipment envisaged for the project with rationale and cost estimate

15. Consumable materials

16. Travelling expenses

Travelling expenses are not sponsored by SORG

The application should not exceed 5 pages in length. It must include a declaration that the funding guidelines and the obligations agreed to by the submission of the application are acknowledged.

The academic curriculum vitae of the applicant should be attached to the application. The application should be endorsed by the departmental head in a separate document and counter-signed. 

Please check:

  • Your application may not exceed the allowed number of pages.
  • All amounts must be converted to Euro.
  • Your calculations must be correct and all totals must be entered.
  • A written and signed confirmation signed by the head of your institution/department if you applied for salary support for yourself or a co-investigator. 

Please submit your application to:

IV. Funding Guidelines

Young researchers who are not directors or heads of a department are sponsored. 

The funding is granted for the purposes of start-up funds. Projects for which application is made are sponsored depending on their innovation and scientific originality. The subject-specific assessment of the applications and the evaluation of the applications’ eligibility for support are performed by two referees who are appointed by the board of SORG depending on the subject-matter. There is no legal entitlement to funding. The legal process is categorically precluded.

If a project is viewed as eligible for support and a research grant is awarded, then the beneficiary may only pay from the funds provided for those expenses which are covered by the intended purpose. The evidence of the utilization of the subsidy should be produced immediately following the completion of the subsidy period. The cleared expenditures must be documented by auditable documentation.

There may be no parallel financing for an undertaking for which application has been made by other funding bodies in the sense of a double sponsorship.

Follow-up costs arising from the acquisition or operation of the item sponsored will not be assumed.

SORG will transfer the subsidy funds in the form of a onetime only payment to an account of the applicant to be nominated. The approval may be rescinded if the subsidy funds have not been utilized within one year following the approval. This may be rescinded if the above-mentioned sponsorship guidelines are not observed.

V. Obligations

With the submission of an application for the approval of subsidy funds from the Science Fund of SORG, the applicant undertakes to:

1. comply with the precepts of good scientific practice
2. utilize the funds approved solely for the purposeful realization of the sponsored project
3. submit a final report describing the progress of the project and the results not later than 3 months after the completion of the SORG research funding period
4. nominate the SORG as a sponsor institution where the research findings of the project are published. After completion of the research project, the findings will be presented within the context of a paper at the following Annual SORG Conference, in front of the members of SORG

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