SORG WEBSchool Library

The SORG webinars are on-going rolling online teaching sequences featuring renowned SORG speakers covering different topics of today’s CMF surgery. Here you can find video recordings and podcasts of some past webinars. Find out more about all upcoming SORG webinars and register now.


Webinar recording | Osteosíntesis clásica y osteosíntesis a medida en Cirugía Ortognática

Speaker: Carlos Arranz

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Reemplazo de ATM a medida y Cirugía Ortognática con placas IPS

Speaker: Pedro F. Franco

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Cirugía Ortognática y ATM

Speaker: Jorge Guiñales

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Cirugía Ortognática en las hiperplasias de cóndilo

Speaker: Laura Villanueva

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | The history of orthognathic surgery, 1849 – 2021

Speaker: Stefaan Bergé

Webinar details:

  • What is orthognathic surgery and why do we need orthognathic surgery? 
  • Who was the first patient and who performed the first orthognathic surgery?
  • Where took the development of orthognathic surgery place and is it still going on?

Language | English

Webinar recording | Best practice to prevent mistakes in orthognathic surgery 

Speakers: Tetsu Takahashi | Tomonao Aikawa | Kensuke Yamauchi

Webinar details:

  • Best practice sharing of “Le Fort I osteotomy"
  • Best practice to prevent common mistakes in SSRO surgery

Language | Japanese 


Webinar recording | Key to succcesful resection and reconstruction of the mandible

Speakers: Chihiro Fushimi, Lecturer | Narikazu Uzawa, Professor | Michihiro Ueda, Oral Tumor Surgeon Chief

Webinar details:

  • Handling of surrounding tissue in mandibulectomy
  • Beneficial mandibular reconstruction for the patient rather than the self-satisfaction
  • Indications and harmony for mandibular resection and reconstruction

Language | Japanese 


Webinar podcast | Controversias en el manejo de las fracturas de ángulo mandibular

Speaker: Miriam Ciria

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Manejo de las fracturas del seno frontal y sus complicaciones

Speaker: Pablo Espinosa

Language | Spanish

Webinar podcast | Fracturas orbitarias. Navegación y TAC intraoperatorio

Speaker: Eduardo Sánchez Jáuregui

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Corrección secundaria de las fracturas de órbita

Speaker: Carlo E. Guevara

Language | Spanish

Webinar recording | Fracturas base craneal anterior y calota craneal. Abordajes abiertos y endoscópicos

Speaker: Alberto Torres

Language | Spanish

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