SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant

SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant

What the SORG Karl Leibinger Grant is about:

Transmission of knowledge is one of the key issues for SORG. We believe that knowledge should be shared and discussed with others in order to stimulate the scientific community as a whole. 

If the matter is complex and a course alone is not enough, an internship may be the right way to accomplish this. The SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant is there to finance such observership stays in order to transfer your plans into reality.  

The SORG Board will decide on the acceptance or rejection of the application within six months after submission.



  • The SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant is directed to fully trained CMF surgeons.
  • The applicants are encouraged to express a ranking of hospitals of their choice. If possible and available, the wish of the applicant will be considered.
  • The whole scope of current CMF techniques and their adjacent techniques may be subject of the observership.
  • The observership grant usually covers accommodation and living expense. Travel costs need to be covered entirely by the participant. Most clinics provide economic basic accommodation for attending guests.

Guidelines for application

  • The application form for the SORG Karl Leibinger Observership must be completed and hand-signed.
  • All applicants must submit their current CV in English language.
  • Only applications for SORG training hospitals will be accepted.
  • A brief description of the expected learning goals and the qualification of the applicant needs to be provided.
  • The applicant will send an estimation of the foreseen total costs of the observership.
  • A report on the outcome of the observership to the SORG Board is expected and mandatory to be submitted after the stay.
  • The SORG Board will assign flat-rate support payments only (covering part of the travel and accommodation expenses).
  • Applications need to be sent in at least 8-12 months prior to the planned observership.
  • There is no legal entitlement to funding. The legal process is categorically precluded.


Prior to the stay itself the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Copies of the medical and/or dental diplomas
  • Health certificates providing negative tests against Hepatitis B and C, HIV, TB and Covid-19. If not presented, the observer will not be authorized to scrub in at surgery.

Application form SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant

Application form SORG Karl Leibinger Observership Grant
Personal data
Academic titles and qualifications
Private address
Office Address
Language skills
Your link to SORG
Interest ranking of SORG training hospitals

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