Maybe you've felt the same way in your professional or personal life: Great things often start quite small. That's how it was with SORG - even though a huge idea brought SORG to life, we only had 4 members in the very beginning. But the very first SORG members Maxime Champy, Dieter Pape, Klaus Gerlach and Leen de Zeeuw were not alone for a long time.

Each year, surgeons were fascinated by the concept and the spirit of SORG and the family became bigger and bigger. Nowadays, surgeons and their individual knowledge about CMF surgery from all over the world are combined in our community.

Today, we are counting all in all about 70 full SORG members and many SORG Associates belonging to one of our international groups in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, China, Japan, Oceania and Far East. What a great enrichment, to have every single one of you with us!

Our SORG members enjoy working and collaborating - but besides that, a lot of them became friends and love to share their experiences in a familiar environment and atmosphere of friendship. We have literally grown together into a real family. 

Curious, if you know one of our SORG members? Check it out here.

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